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ASX Announcements

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9/12/15 Lyndon Project Update LINK
1/12/15 Change of Director's Interest Notice x 3 LINK
1/12/15 Appendix 3B LINK
26/11/15 Results of Meeting LINK
26/10/15 Quarterly Cashflow Report LINK
26/10/15 Quarterly Activities Report LINK
23/10/15 Company Update on Yatango LINK
22/10/15 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form LINK
12/10/15 Latitude Issues Convertible Notes LINK
30/09/15 Annual Report to shareholders LINK
30/09/15 Appendix 4G LINK
10/09/15 Reinstatement to Official Quotation (11/09/2015) LINK
10/09/15 Company Update LINK
13/08/15 Market update on Yatango acquisition and Prospectus offer LINK
31/07/15 Prospectus Update LINK
31/07/15 Quarterly Activities Report LINK
31/07/15 Quarterly Cashflow Report LINK
22/07/15 Capital Structure after Share Consolidation LINK
20/07/15 Market Update LINK
16/07/15 Appointment of Head of Yatango Travel LINK
6/07/15 Results of Meeting LINK
3/07/15 Yatango Investor Presentation LINK
3/07/15 Appendix 3B LINK
3/07/15 Suspension from Official Quotation LINK
1/07/15 Prospectus LINK
1/07/15 Expiry of unquoted options and updated capital structure LINK
24/06/15 Becoming a substantial holder LINK
23/06/15 Yatango accelerates expansion into online travel market LINK
22/06/15 Trading Halt Request LINK
22/06/15 Trading Halt LINK
10/06/15 Latitude exits Kalengwa project joint venture LINK
10/06/15 Latitude exits Kalengwa project joint venture LINK
4/06/15 Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form LINK
22/05/15 Latitude agrees sale of Lyndon Project LINK
19/05/15 Malone, Alexander and Mackay to join Yatango board LINK
15/05/15 Trading Halt LINK
1/05/15 Quarterly Cashflow Report LINK
1/05/15 Quarterly Activities Report LINK
29/04/15 Allotment of Entitlements Issue Shortfall LINK
24/04/15 Yatango raises $1M in oversubscribed convertible note issue LINK
23/04/15 Change of Director's Interest Notice x 3 LINK
22/04/15 Allotment of Entitlements Issue Shares LINK
20/04/15 Notification of Entitlement Issue Shortfall LINK
14/04/15 Latitude completes due diligence on Yatango LINK
24/03/15 LCD to acquire international consumer services tech company LINK
24/03/15 Appendix 3B LINK
24/03/15 Cleansing Notice Pursuant to Paragraph 708AA(2)(F) LINK
24/03/15 Final Director's Interest Notice LINK
24/03/15 Non-Renounceable Entitlement Issue Offer Document LINK
24/03/15 Notice to Shareholders - Entitlement Issue LINK
24/03/15 Notice to Optionholders - Entitlement Issue LINK
19/03/15 Trading Halt LINK
13/03/15 Half Yearly Report and Accounts LINK
20/02/15 Kalengwa South Permit Renewal Received LINK
30/01/15 Quarterly Cashflow Report LINK
30/01/15 Quarterly Activities Report LINK

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