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ASX Announcements

Released Detail
16/12/14 Capital Structure after Share Consolidation LINK
1/12/14 Change of Company Name and ASX Code LINK
28/11/14 Results of Meeting LINK
26/11/14 IRG to Farm out the Lyndon Gold & Base Metals Project LINK
31/10/14 Quarterly Cashflow Report LINK
31/10/14 Quarterly Activities Report LINK
31/10/14 Final Environmental Approval Received at Kalengwa LINK
28/10/14 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form LINK
25/09/14 Annual Report to shareholders LINK
18/09/14 Environmental approval for exploration at Kalengwa received LINK
10/09/14 Kalengwa Project Update LINK
29/08/14 Kalengwa Copper Projects Presentation LINK
28/08/14 Kalengwa re-logging results reveal significant anomalies LINK
15/08/14 IOCG deposit style confirmed at Kalengwa South LINK
25/07/14 Quarterly Activities Report LINK
25/07/14 Quarterly Cashflow Report LINK
8/07/14 Kalengwa South Drill Core Re-logging Update LINK
26/06/14 Details of Share Registry address LINK
24/06/14 Presentation on Kalengwa Copper Projects in Zambia LINK
20/06/14 Additional historical diamond drill hole cores discovered LINK
17/06/14 Drill core re-logging and desktop studies commenced LINK
10/06/14 Kalengwa Project Update LINK
28/05/14 Appendix 3B - Issue of Options LINK
27/05/14 Research Report LINK
20/05/14 Zambian Exploration / Country Manager Commences Employment LINK
7/05/14 Kalengwa Copper Project Update LINK
6/05/14 Trading Halt LINK
28/04/14 Quarterly Activities Report LINK
24/04/14 Quarterly Cashflow Report LINK
7/03/14 Change in substantial holding LINK
3/03/14 IRG Copper Project Presentation LINK
3/03/14 IRG Copper Project Presentation LINK
26/02/14 Half Yearly Report and Accounts LINK
4/02/14 Integrated to Acquire Zambian Copper Projects LINK
3/02/14 Quarterly Cashflow Report LINK
3/02/14 Quarterly Activities Report LINK
31/01/14 Trading Halt LINK

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